Lower Manhattan Residents Complain About Noise From Freedom Tower Construction


ground-zeroAs construction continues on the Freedom Tower at ground zero, some residents in Lower Manhattan say the noise is getting to be unbearable.

Nick Oram lives above the construction and understands there is going to be noise, but he’s complaining about the Port Authority’s constant construction.

“They’re being egregious about the whole thing. They are not being good neighbors,” Oram said.

While Oram understands the need of workers to meet deadlines, he said the noise was “way above and beyond the expectations of what we thought it would be.”

And it’s not just the noise that Oram has had to deal with.

“I’ve had paintings fall off the wall and break, like I had a TV break. It’s incredibly exhausting not getting proper sleep and sleeping with ear plugs,” he said.

Oram is not alone as those in his building said the noise from next door is something else.

“In the morning, it’s noisy. You can hear it,” Lana Dai said.

“Now even in the mornings with the AC on, you can still hear inside that drilling,” Mark Scott said.

The Port Authority released a statement saying: “We continuously reach out to residents to update them on construction developments and minimize issues like noise.”

Still residents said that the noise is getting “progressively worse.”

{WCBS 880 Radio AM/Matzav.com Newscenter}



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