Lose4autism Weight Loss Competition for Women


lose4autismWith the May 18th deadline fast approaching, now is your last chance to join a one-of-a-kind, 101 day weight loss competition for women where you get to support children with autism while having the experience of a life time- and, of course, shed those extra pounds.

By joining the program you are committing to 101 days of fun! Lose4autism will be coordinating weigh-in and weigh-out parties where you can meet fellow contestants. The pressure’s on! Two lucky winners will go home with $10,000, with additional rewards for the greatest monthly weight-losers. Each member of the competition is allotted a personal fundraising page so that friends and family can spur you on in your dieting journey. With such a support system, you are bound to lose weight!

To help you along with your weight loss, you are entitled to 4 months of gym membership and private sessions with a nationally certified nutritionist at no cost. Weight loss couldn’t get more enjoyable or easier than that! What’s more- you will also receive a Lose4autism scale to help track weight loss and two Lose4autism t-shirts.

Proceeds of the Lose4autism weight-loss challenge benefit children with autism who attend Imrei Binah School. By joining, you can help save lives today! For specific information regarding prize hand-outs and rules, check out www.lose4autism.org. To participate, call 516-670-7669 or email info@lose4autism.org .

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