Livni: Flying Palestinian Flag at UN Part of Campaign to Delegitimize Israel


palestinian flagA motion to wave the Palestinian flag at the UN is part of a campaign to delegitimize Israel, MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) said at Thursday’s inaugural meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Subcommittee on Lawfare, which she leads.

“This committee will deal with lawfare not only to see how we can defend ourselves, but also to try to change international trends against Israel in a legal context and how to deal with moves the Palestinians are trying to make over Israel’s head,” she explained.

A motion to have the flags of non-member observers, like the Palestinians, waved at the UN “isn’t only symbolic, it’s part of an orchestrated diplomatic and legal struggle that is meant to create legitimacy for a Palestinian state with all that that means, and to deny legitimacy to the State of Israel,” she said.

The UN General Assembly voted 119-8 on Thursday to fly the flags of non-member observer states like Palestine at UN Headquarters in New York. The U.S. and Israel voted against the Palestinian-drafted resolution.

After the UN approved a Palestinian request to fly its flag, Israel’s UN ambassador Ron Prosor said Thursday that rather than flying the Palestinian flag, the UN might as well wave a “white flag” and surrender its principles. “In my four years, I have seen hypocrisy, I have seen duplicity, and I have seen a triple standard – one for democracies, one for dictatorships, and a special standard designed only for Israel….This time, the Palestinians managed to take cynicism to a whole new level. The goal of this resolution is a photo op….The international community must make it clear to the Palestinians that the only way to achieve statehood is through direct negotiations.”

Regarding an imaginary resolution brought by the Palestinians declaring the world flat, Prosor said the EU would “probably try to reach a consensus to abstain on the vote. But some EU countries would consider it a matter of principle to declare that the world is, indeed, flat – if this is how the Palestinians see it.”

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