Live Webcast: Tomorrow 9:30 AM – Multimedia Presentation on Bircas Hachammah with Rabbi J. David Bleich


bleich1Rabbi J. David Bleich, Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS and author of Bircas HaChammah (ArtScroll), will be featuring a multimedia presentation tomorrow on Bircas Hachammah at 9:30 a.m.

You will be able to watch a live webcast of the presentation right here on

The presentation will take place at Yeshiva University, Furst Hall Room 501 (500 W 185th St).  Opening remarks will be made by Rabbi Yona Reiss, Dean at RIETS, and an additional presentation will be made by Rabbi David Pahmer, shoel umeishiv at RIETS.

{Elisha Newscenter}


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