Live, 11 AM EST: NYPD Press Conference On Arrest of Leiby Keletzky’s Murderer


leiby-keletzky-murderer-conference[Conference concluded at 11:40 a.m. EST. Partial video replay shortly.] Click here to watch the live webcast. 11. a.m. EST: At this moment, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is addressing the media regarding the horrific murder of nine-year-old Leiby Keletzky.

Kelly has said that based on the evidence the police received, the boy had no prior contact with the murder suspect, Mr. Levy Aron.

Click here to watch the press conference.

The press conference has concluded.

UPDATE: Click below for a partial video replay of the press conference:

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  1. The police commissioner said the suspect murdered the boy because he panicked when he saw all of the activity going on to try to find the boy. B”H for Shomrim, Hatzola & Misaskim and their holy work, but perhaps we should be more careful about being low-key in media reporting. It reminds me of the Mumbai tragedy, where late into the events there was a man waving a tallis out the window from the Chabad house, probably as an SOS showing he was still alive. All the media caught it and of course, he was later found dead. Our insatiable need to know news is a double edged sword.

  2. Caught between a rock and a hard place!
    Is there any indication as to when the vicious murder took place?
    HaShem Yishmorainu! May the parents survive this — there are no words to describe it — terrible ordeal!
    Oy Gevalt!

  3. I think they did everything right. You have to remember that this started out as a search for a missing child, presumably lost. Hind sight is 20/20 but they did everything 100 percent right and then some. Who could have imagined that a sick individual would kill the child due to the efforts made to save the child. Its a sad irony but nonetheless, the police as well as the community took all the appropriate measures. Furthermore, when an act such as this is publicized, it makes it more likely for the child to be found.

  4. Obviously the killer is beyond comprehension … he could just as easily have concocted a story and gone for the 100k reward. Nothing is going to be logical about this.

  5. his fear of being caught with the boy alive was greater than his fear of being caught with the boys body.why? because he thought he could hide it and get away. sad sad ending.

  6. Why does someone abduct a child? Either for ransom or for molestation? Murder has to have a motive.

    Revenge against a parent?

    Granted, that does not seem to be the case here, but it a possible motive for the murder of a child.

    In any event, you’re pre-supposing that the suspect was fully rational and methodical and that every act has a rational motive. It’s entirely possible that he simply panicked and murdered without thinking it through.

    The Wolf

  7. It is most disturbing that an abductor can panic then kill a child, but have no problem leaving body parts in his freezer. That seems bizarre and certainly not simply panic…

  8. No point in sitting here working out the motives of a cold blooded murderer. His act of murder is a act against every decent person in this world, and of course the Jewish people too. He may be Jewish but he lost all connections to our nation! And he should not be given the right to eat Kosher in jail either. You act like a Jew hater, you eat like a Jew hater. No amount of remorse could replace this Tsadik, this beautifull nishumu. Some sins have no remorse because you cant replace a gone thing.

  9. he had some crazy mental disorders. we are not talking about a normal person. he should have been in an institution. we can not let these crazy ppl. walk around.

  10. I am agree with 10 comment. The statement that suspect murdered the boy because he panicked when he saw all of the activity going on doesnt make sence. It was not panic…

  11. Tell your children – NEVER EVER trust a stranger if they need help they should ask a cop or NYC transit bus driver or train conductor or stationmasters…. NEVER ASK A STRANGER EVEN IF HE LOOKS JEWISH….

  12. In response to comment 12: exactly right. WE are the “nebachs” for calling people crazy instead of helping them with their illness. Uh, whose the Nebach? Theones who try to figure out the motives of a man who is Mentyally ill and was prob. Angry that he wasn’t getting the right help and respect or someone who calls people dealng with Mental Illness “crazy”? Seems to me its crazy not to help such people so we don’t end up in such sick tragedy. This isn’t only his crime. Who knows he very well may have been completely insane at the time. Anyone who doesn’t realize how much injustice there is in society and how WE NEED TO SHOW HASHEM YISBORACH THAT WE ARE READY FOR GEULA – THAT person is a Nebach – because if their mind is working properly and doesn’t see what is going on then in my estimation they are just as insane and are responsible for abounding tragedies.

  13. there is a very helpful video in the Matzav Video section from Dr Norman Blumenthal of Chai Lifeline discussing how to speak to our children.

  14. what where his motives? There were no motives! he was just simply EVIL!!! This is not the first time he tried to put up this ploy and it just didnt work for him. His neighbors say that he used to offer kids to come into his car instead of going on the school bus, but B”h the kids knew better than to listen. One boy once left to go to Beis medrish and this car was waiting for him downstairs. This monster told him ” come, come, i will take you to where you have to go.” The boy ran back inside. The parents checked by the window and the car was gone. They went outside to make sure the cost is clear and they told the kid you can go, nobody is here. The kid came to the corner and this car was waiting for him again, and told him, come in, come in, i will take you. the boy started going further and the car started to follow him a few blocks, until the boy started running really fast!
    The parents now cant forgive themselves for not calling police then. Lesson: we never ignore what kids say, and always report every little incident to the police!

  15. of course the community did everything right! It is only because of the community that the police was able to track down this evil monster! who provided all the cameras and the video clips? The community of course! The community kept feeding the police with info. The community tracked down the boy until dahill and 44th street. Thats when police took over. Hashem should repay them for all there efforts! They showed a true ahavas yisroel!


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