Litzman Walks Out On Iranian Lawmaker


litzmanIsraeli Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman demonstratively left the hall in Geneva where the World Health Organization (WHO) was holding its annual assembly today, to protest the Iranian health minister’s speech. Litzman, who heads the Health Ministry even though he is not a full minister, urged member countries to invest their resources in medical research to save lives, rather than spending billions on projects that don’t save lives or even endanger them.Among the topics raised at the meeting was a Palestinian resolution that denounced Israel. When Litzman spoke, some representatives of Arab countries left the hall as well.

The United Torah Judaism MK noted that Israel gave medical aid to Palestinians, especially in times of emergency.

“We often find ourselves in a paradox when a terrorist and his victims are hospitalized one near the other in Israeli hospitals and receive identical treatment,” he added.

Litzman thanked the WHO for its work to promote health and said that Israeli representatives were in regular contact with its representatives.

The deputy health minister, a Gur Hassid in traditional black garb, was an unusual sight at the assembly of the world’s health ministers and government officials. However, since he was raised in New York until his aliya at age 18, Litzman was able, unlike others, to converse fluently in English.

{Yair Israel/JPost}


  1. Finally a charedei MK who has a world view to promote better health in Israel. We are proud that you are a proud Jew and have the guts to stand up for justice.

  2. Rabbi Litzman, shlita, deserves a huge praise by those affected wit machla of cancer(rachmono le’shteizvun), because deviants who run the WHO want to spend research on their main health problem, affecting them-


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