Litzman: “The Future of Israel’s Voluntary Hospitals Like Laniado Dependent on Substantial Support by Jews Abroad”


 An ominous warning about the future of voluntary hospitals in Israel, including the prestigious Laniado Medical Center in Netanya, was sounded by Israel’s Health Minister Yaakov Litzman. Speaking at a reception by the American Friends of Laniado Hospital in the offices of the Wolfson Group, Minister Litzman said: “Unlike the government owned hospitals which are automatically funded by the Israeli government, private hospitals such as Laniado have to fend for themselves, save for the considerable financial intervention that I have been able to secure.”

An overflow crowd of leading community activists including board members of the American Friends of Laniado Hospital heard Minister Litzman describe Laniado Hospital “as an exemplary institution that welcomes people from around the country. I personally know of women who travel from Arad to Netanya to give birth at Laniado, because of the high quality of care.” The Minister went on to describe the extreme devotion of the medical staff who are “certainly not paid what they deserve.” Laniado is in effect two institutions, Minister Litzman explained: “It is the model charedi medical institution and it is the central medical facility for the city of Netanya and its environs.” He praised Rav Yekusiel Halberstam, the legendary Sanz-Klauzenburger Rebbe, zt”l, for having the vision to open such a hospital and the current Sanzer Rebbe, Shlita, for continuing to pursue the highest standard of care.

In his closing remarks, Minister Litzman strongly pleaded with the American Jewish community to support Laniado. He particularly singled out the $10 million needed to “urgently expand the ICU at the hospital.” The Minister was presented with a special plaque of recognition bythe Executive VP of the American Friends of Laniado Hospital, Rabbi Yitzchok Waldman, who chaired the session, Mr. Leibish Morgenstern, Treasurer, and Mr. Aaron Shaye Spitzer, Personal Secretary to the Rebbe, zt”l. Also, addressing the session was Mr. Michael Rosenberg, who flew in from Montreal especially for this event.  Mr. Rosenberg expressed the hospital’s gratitude to the acclaimed Health Minister.


Founded over 40 years agoby the legendary Sanz-Klauzenburger Rebbe, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Halberstam zt”l, Laniado Hospital is a state-of-the-art modern and highly advanced medical center with expertise inmost major medical disciplines.Its modern 430 bed comprehensive health care facility is the only hospital serving Netanya’s 350,000 residents as well as the rapidly growing city’s surrounding towns and villages. It is one of Israel’s leading medical institutions and recognized throughout the country for its cutting edge, quality medical care and devoted staff.

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