Litzman Goes to War Against Sufganiyot


Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman is urging parents to find alternatives to the traditional Chanukah donuts this year.

He declared his jihad against sufganiyot at a conference to promote healthy eating.

This war against donuts follows Liztman’s previous battles against McDonald’s, soda and snacks.

“I call on the public to avoid eating sufganiyot, which are rich in fats,” Litzman said. “You can find alternatives for everything nowadays and there is no need for us to fatten our children with sufganiyot, which are not in line with the principles of health and proper nutrition.”

“If I had to say this today, I’d say sufganiyot out,” Litzman said. “You can eat them, of course, because it is part of the chag’s customs, but there are alternatives.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Hamentaschin are much healthier. Use whole grains, fill with fruit. Oops, sorry, wrong season. So have a doughnut. ONE doughnut. Eat milchigs, that’s also part of the minhag, and healthier (at least according to Litzman).

  2. Ban cholent, kugel, liver, shnitzel, Challah, cheesecake, and everything else a Frum Yidden eat.

    The point is to eat in moderation. nobody is suggesting you eat a donut a day. Once a year to have a donut and the like will NOT kill a person. Enough with this nonsense

  3. I LOVE that a ben Torah is pushing for healthier eating. It has always bothered me that this is not a higher priority among those who take mitzvah observance seriously.

  4. This could spell סוף גניות.
    They should go back to eating latkes, which דורי דורות of upright Jews consumed, rather than these new confections promoted by the Zionist state.
    Then everything be good and well, and the honorable MK could go back to dealing with far less serious agenda.

    • I got news for you. Latkes are what we Ashkenazim grew up on, while our Sephardi brethren ate fried dough confections. Nothing to do with Zionism. The only connection between doughnuts and Zionism is that while the founders of “the State” couldn’t stand Ashkenazi minhogim, and banned them as “golus-like,” they had no problem with Sephardi minhogim! Therefore you won’t find knishes around, but you’ll find a LOT of bourekas! Don’t worry, Litzman will come out against both of those, jist you wait, Mista Higgins, jist you wite.

  5. Maybe people will start listening to him. There are so many obese children around. Most of today’s health problems are linked to poor eating habits.
    באו נשמור על נפשנו

  6. Latkes which are fried in oil aren’t too much healthier. Calling for limits on sufgoniyot rather than try to have them eliminated would probably be more effective


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