Letter: Rabbonim Speak Out Against Controversial “Sound Bite” Style Kiruv



  1. It`s about time but there are nebbach so many people wo just want to believe that they found a modern day prophet he will still get his victims.
    Maybe if websites will take him down that will have an impact

  2. I wonder if any of these people have been inside the beautiful Torah homes that Rabbi Mizrachi has created.
    I personally have been in three (of hundreds) where both the father and mother came from completely secular homes, and they attribute the warmth, love of Torah, and beautiful ehrliche children who study in Bais Yaakovs and Yeshivos to Rabbi Mizrachi. (not to mention the ahavas chessed)

    The people who have had the zechus to know Rabbi Mizrachi on a personal level stand in a place where “אין צדיקים גמורים יכולים לעמד.”

  3. I am very close to Rabbi Mizrachi. I know him personally. Everything he does, he does lishem shomayim. That’s why he has so much Siyata Dishmaya. All these detractors are just the Yetzer hora trying to get him to stop. It won’t work. Baruch Hashem he is a lot stronger than you bloggers.

  4. I wonder if anyone has traveled around the world as Rabbi Mizrachi, leaving his wife and children for long periods of time, to teach Torah and Judaism to unaffiliated Jews, free of charge.

    I also wonder if anyone has done as much as Rabbi Mizrachi to teach Jewish women about their primary Mitzvah, Tznius, and the consequences of what happens when there’s a lack of Tznius.

  5. Really – That itself is an over-simplification: no one is saying he’s never accomplished anything. The fact that he’s done much good doesn’t invalidate their concerns.

  6. Somebody else would have made these Baalai Teshuva. Someone who does not insult Holocaust Survivors nor
    parents of Special Needs children.


    A proud parent of a Special Child – who will greet Moshiach before this person will.

    • Wow, you are so sure of youself. I guess you have a guarantee that you will out live others. Amazing. Maybe you can reveal to us the winning lottery numbers for the power ball?

  7. It’s easy to criticize but much harder to get your hands dirty. There is an expression ” I don’t like this person very much , I ought to get to know him a little better”

  8. Soundbites? I wish! Rav Mizrachi’s lectures are 2, sometimes 3 hours long! I stay up too late watching them! He is a wonderful Rav who does a lot of good!

    • What are you saying? The fellow who left that comment will die before your child does? Only those who are alive at that time will greet moshiach. Do you know when Moshiach is coming? Or are you speaking hypothetically? In order to avoid any misunderstanding, please clarify what your statement is. I’m sure you don’t want any backlash.


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