Leading Democrat Donors Haim Saban and Jack Rosen Rally Against Iran Deal


haim sabanTop donors to the Democratic party rallied in opposition on Thursday to the Iran nuclear deal pursued by the Obama administration.

U.S.-Israeli billionaire Haim Saban and Jack Rosen, the chairman of the American Jewish Congress (which issued a statement rejecting the Iran deal on Thursday), both rebuffed President Barack Obama’s plea on Wednesday to support the deal or risk another Middle East war.

Saban told Israel’s Channel 1 that the Iran agreement was a “very bad deal” and said “we still need to fight it.”

Rosen released a statement on Thursday through the American Jewish Congress, saying the “burden of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon must not be passed on to our children and grandchildren,” singling out the so-called sunset terms of the nuclear agreement that will allow Iran to become a legitimate nuclear threshold state in 10-15 years.

The American Jewish Congress statement followed a similar one by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) on Wednesday, as more and more Jewish groups urge Congress to use its power to reject the deal and perhaps override Obama’s promised veto of the rejection.

Both Saban and Rosen were supporters of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Saban had previously intimated that he was convinced based upon statements from Clinton herself that she opposed the nuclear deal, though, as secretary of state, she made the initial push to get negotiations with Iran underway.

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  1. HOW CAN YOU TRUST IRAN ?????????????? READ ON……………Iran’s military mastermind is getting defiant.

    Gen. Qassem Soleimani ignored a travel ban and sanctions and flew to Russia to meet with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and President Vladimir Putin, two unnamed Western intelligence sources told Fox News.

    It’s not clear what the leaders discussed at the July 24 meeting.

    Soleimani is a US-designated terrorist. US Secretary of State John Kerry, as he rallies Washington support for the Iran nuclear deal, has assured American officials that Soleimani and his Quds Force would continue to face sanctions from the US Treasury even after UN sanctions are lifted under the deal, Fox reports.

    Kerry told Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) on July 29 that US sanctions against Soleimani would never be lifted, according to Fox.


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