Leading BioGenCell Stem Cell Researcher at Laniado Hospital Reveals Medical Breakthrough at Major Vascular Symposium in New York


bloodDr. Yael Porat, a leading stem cell scientist at Laniado Medical Center in Netanya, Israel and founder and CEO of BioGenCell, recently revealed her ground-breaking research to a group of the world’s leading vascular surgeons at the VeithSymposium Innovations Conference in New York. Dr. Porat has spent the last seven years researching new methodology to transform a patient’s own blood into therapeutic cells that can regenerate blood vessels and allow blood flow to damaged tissues. This world-first treatment will allow those suffering from blood vessel diseases to experience renewed blood supply to those tissues encountering blockages, effectively reversing disability and improving quality of life.

“Right now the most common way to obtain cells to be used for treating tissues damaged by vessel blockages is through bone-marrow extraction. This is a painful procedure which requires general anesthesia, can be harmful and sometimes impossible for older patients,” explained Dr. Porat. “Our aim is to develop a treatment that is easy for the patient, easy for the clinician, and easily accessible for everyone regardless of where you live. With this new stem cell treatment, blood would simply be drawn from a patient and the next day they would be able to visit the clinician to have their blood injected back into their leg muscle in the particular problematic area.” Thus, hospitalization isn’t required and the cost of the treatment is minimal, making it extremely beneficial for patients. “It’s a win-win, helping patients while saving the health care system billions of dollars.”

“Trials have recently been carried out on animals in which we mimic vascular diseases, and the stem cell treatments have been incredibly successful. By January we should be ready to move onto trials on humans, this would include critical limb ischemia patients who suffer from vascular diseases in their legs, are unable to walk, have unhealed wounds, are in constant pain, have already exhausted all other avenues of treatment, and are candidates for leg amputation,” said Dr. Porat. The Laniado research team expects participants to start feeling the effects of the treatment after just a month.

Dr. Porat’s team works closely with The Diabetes Center at Laniado, to ensure that all possible therapies are also available for patients suffering with diabetes. “Laniado Hospital is a very special hospital, we wouldn’t be able to carry out any of our research without the wonderful support of the Hospital,” Dr. Porat reiterates. “In fact, focusing on medical research in order to provide better care for Laniado’s patients was one of the founding principles created by founder Rabbi Y.Y. Halberstam.”

Founded 40 years ago, Laniado Hospital is a state-of-the-art modern and highly advanced medical center with expertise in almost all major medical disciplines. Its modern 430 bed comprehensive health care facility is the only hospital serving Netanya’s 350,000 residents as well as the rapidly growing city’s surrounding towns and villages. It is one of Israel’s leading medical institutions and recognized throughout the country for its quality medical care.  For more information please go to www.laniadohospital.org and for more information on Dr. Porat’s research please visit www.biogencell.net. To view Dr. Porat’s recent TED talk, CLICK HERE.

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