LCSW Yom Tov Safety Notice


Please note the following for residents of Lakewood, NJ:

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch/Lakewood Shomrim Shabbos Patrol Division will be out in force over Sukkos patrolling and assisting residents. We are very grateful the time and efforts that they give to the community always.

If something is concerning, do not wait until after Yomtov to report. Please flag down a Police Officer or an LCSW member on patrol and give over the information right away. Time is always of the essence.

Please make sure to lock all vehicles before Yom Tov.

If you will be away, please be sure to lock homes and leave a presence to deter unwanted elements.

Please be conscious of who you allow into your home and make sure that they are not privy to your personal items or plans.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and uplifting Yom Tov.



  1. Have a neighbor check your front door periodically. Sometimes these nuts will stick a business card in the door and come back in a few days to see if it’s still there. If it is, then they know no one is home. This is one tactic I heard about.


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