LCSW: Protect Your Bikes, Protect Yourselves


bikeLakewood, NJ – The beautiful weather we have eagerly anticipated is finally here. Bike riders of all ages take to Lakewood’s sidewalks and roads,

With the nice weather and its increase in outdoor activity comes an unwanted reality: the proliferation of bike thieves.

The number of bike thefts have spiked in tandem with the temperature and will continue to do so as long as residents leave bikes around to steal.

Even if you don’t care about your bike all that much, leaving a bike around invites thieves onto your property, where they will often find other things to steal.They will be drawn to your neighborhood, where they know they can find their “loot”. Keeping your bikes secure protects not only your own property, your children’s precious possessions, and your heard earned money, but has an impact on your neighbor’s property as well.

Make sure to take your bike inside when you are finished or secure it with a lock outside. Leaving a bike on the sidewalk in the front of your home makes it quite vulnerable, and those on the lookout for bikes to steal will find it easily. If caught, they can claim that they thought it was on the curb to be thrown out so they took it for scrap metal.

Help keep crime down by not giving thieves the opportunity to steal, thereby saving yourself and your family a lot of hassle and aggravation.

While on the subjects on bikes, make sure to always wear a helmet and enforce that habit among your children, no matter how “uncool” they try to convince you it is. Always practice safe riding habits, staying on the sidewalk whenever possible, riding safely with traffic while on the road, and ensuring that you and your bike are illuminated when riding in the dark.

Of course, if you see something suspicious, call the police as well as LCSW’s 24-hour hotline at 732-367-1212.

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  1. Stay safe & protect yourself & your neshama also. remove yourself from the internet & other technology that is destroying klal yisroel & removing us from Hashem


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