Last Call: Win $130,000 in Parnassah Raffle


parnassah-raffleNowadays, economic difficulties are no rarity. Around the world, people are struggling, as basic costs rise and the flow of income decreases. In particular, the mosdos of Bobov have been hard hit by the recession, as it occurred simultaneously with the great loss of their mainstay, R’ Bentzion Dunner. R’ Bentzion, a man who possessed extraordinary wealth and even more impressive humility, distributed inconceivable amounts of money throughout his lifetime to support various organizations, families and individuals who were in need. He developed a particular connection with the Bobover Rebbe in 2005 and subsequently became the main supporter of Bobov in Eretz Yisroel.

Tragically, R’ Bentzion was niftar in a car accident in 2008, dealing a tremendous blow to all of Klal Yisroel. In his memory, the Parnassa Raffle was created as a small measure of gratitude to repay the man who viewed his own Parnassa as a mere loan from Hashem and used it to better the lives of others.

The Parnassa Raffle provides a chance for one fortuitous individual to win a worry-free two years of Parnassa. The Grand Prize raffle will be held tomorrow, April 7, 2011 and from that week forward, the winner will automatically receive a weekly check of $1250 for the next two years, accruing to the grand total of $130,000.

Throughout the months until the grand prize drawing, a monthly drawing will be held on the Rosh Chodesh of every month, providing all grand prize ticket holders with the opportunity to win an additional $1000 each month.

All proceeds from the raffle will be used to support and bolster the mosdos of Bobov in Eretz Yisroel and allow them to continue to fill the holy lands with the sounds of their sacred Torah learning and provide the people of Israel with a strong spiritual foundation.
Your raffle purchase will not only give you with the ticket to financial freedom and economic tranquility. Along with providing support to the exceptional institution of Bobov, it will grant a tremendous aliya to the neshama of a truly special and deserving man.


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