Lakewood Warns Public to Use Only Licensed Taxicabs


lakewoodThe Lakewood Township Transportation Safety Board has issued a warning reminding the public to use only licensed taxicabs. Unlicensed taxicabs may not be inspected or insured. The driver of an unlicensed taxicab may not have the proper license. Residents are urged to use taxicabs with the proper licensing. Lakewood Township and the State of New Jersey inspect taxicabs twice a year to make sure the vehicles are safe and comply with safety standards. The New Jersey State Police also make sure drivers meet stringent criminal background checks. To be properly licensed, taxicabs must be insured and provide proof of insurance to the Township.Bernard Gindoff, chairman of the Lakewood Transportation Safety Board, says, “Unlicensed taxicabs have become a very big problem, and we’re trying to rectify the situation as best as we can through the Lakewood transportation board and the police department. We want the public to be aware of what’s going on.”

The licensed taxi companies include Leisure Hack & Laurel Cabs (white with blue letters); Latino Cab (yellow); Unidos (red); Los Amigos (blue), and Lakewood Transportation (black).

For further information, call Lakewood Traffic Safety or the Lakewood Police at 732-363-0200.

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  1. “Latino Cab” drivers happen to be quite very nice people.
    But is there Yiddishe veg to get from Yeshiva(7th and Forest Ave.) to…WestGate…PineRiver Estates…Forest Park?…


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