Lakewood Police Chief Says Schools Should Be Closed Tomorrow


lawsonThe following statement was made by Lakewood, NJ Police Chief Rob Lawson in advance of the severe snowstorm set to hit the area tonight and tomorrow:

This is a serious snowstorm with our area expected to get 15-16 inches of snow (some estimates are 18-20 inches) accompanied by strong winds (35+mph) which will create blizzard conditions this evening and Wednesday.I strongly recommend that the public and private schools close for all of Wednesday for the safety of the students and teachers- the fewer vehicles on the roadway the better.

All vehicles should be removed from the roadways to facilitate plowing and all non-emergency vehicles should remain off the roads until at least Thursday morning.

Thank you.

Chief Rob Lawson

 { Newscenter}


  1. Maybe they should learn how to clean their roads like all the other towns. Lakewood streets are a sakana as the plowers never get out there at all for some reason or another. If I had the power, I’d make a fuss! We pay taxes here don’t we? We should be entitled to plowed and sanded roads.

  2. I think its a chutzpa. With all do respect he is here to serve the town not his ideas. They don’t make cars illegal even though its dangerous bec the people want it, so to he shouldn’t decide for us if our private schools should be open. And besides, is there no better way to get your message out then to send it to newspapers and blogs. Do you not have the basic decency to speak to those in charge over the PHONE.


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