Lakewood Police Chief Reminds NJ Residents of Strict Seat Belt Law


lawsonLakewood Police Chief Rob Lawson has asked to remind our New Jersey readers that New Jersey has tightened its seat belt law by extending the requirement to everyone who rides in a vehicle.

Former Gov. Jon Corzine – who was almost killed in a crash in which he wasn’t buckled up – signed the legislation which now mandates that anyone riding in a vehicle use seat belts.

“We recognize that traffic safety laws are often improved incrementally,” said David Weinstein, a AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman.

Proponents in the legislature voiced similar views, saying the measure will help save lives. They said the need for the legislation is underscored by empirical evidence gathered from automobile accidents.

New Jersey Safety Council crash data show unbelted rear-seat passengers can act as high-velocity projectiles during an accident, impacting other passengers with enough force to kill or seriously injure them. And a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study showed the use of seat belts by back seat passengers can reduce the chance of death and serious injury in accidents up to 75 percent.

“Buckling up – for a trip around the corner or a trip around the state – is a habit that drivers and passengers alike need to adopt,” said Matthew W. Milam, D-Cape May Court House, who was the bill’s primary sponsor in the Assembly along with fellow Democrats Pamela R. Lampitt of Cherry Hill and Nelson Albano of Cape May Court House.

Primary sponsors in the Senate were Brian Stack, D-Union City, and Mayor Bob Singer, R-Lakewood.

{Noam Newscenter}


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