Lakewood: New Sprint Cell Tower Proposed for Oak Street


cell-towerLakewood- Sprint Together with Nextel (Sprint) is proposing to construct a new wireless telecommunications facility at Oak Street in Lakewood, NJ.

Sprint is proposing to mount 12 wireless communications antennas at a centerline elevation of 131 feet above ground level on a recently constructed 151-foot tall water tank and place supporting equipment at the base of the water tank within a 600 square foot lease area.

Proposed supporting equipment cabinets will be located on concrete piers. Proposed coax support trays will extend coaxial cables from the proposed supporting equipment to the proposed antennas on the water tank.

The lease area will be enclosed by a proposed 9-foot high chain link fence.

Access to the wireless facility will be from an access drive from Oak Street.

Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the effect the proposed facility may have on any historic property may do so by sending such comments to: Lorraine Witter-Louis, 87 Hibernia Avenue, Rockaway, New Jersey 07866 or by electronic mail to:, and please refer to E2PM Tracking Number P-11-07-01.

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  1. Sprint pays hundreds and thousands of dollars a year to the owner of the land that this property is up, as long as there are no health issues and the taxpayer gets a nice piece of the pie , we should nt have an issue with this

  2. If Lakewood residents want to use their cell phones they must realize that they can not object to the erection of the infrastructure necessary to support that desire.

  3. Please explain your objections to the towers. Are they religious reasons, aesthetic reasons, health related reasons and so on.

  4. This tower will be located near the mvc (motor vehicle commission) that means that whenever i need to go there i will be exposed to cellular radiation. Furthermore, the employees at the mvc will be constantly exposed, and the line will get longer if they suffer from radiation. And there are many schools that are located on Oak Street and in the industrial park. We must fight this travesty. And fight the filthy cell phone companies who are profiting from blood money! How many children have they poisoned with the radiation and filth! Besides that those towers broadcast shmutz into our air! Are we not affected!!!! Cell phones are the scourge of humanity!!! The countless numbers of people who have experienced physical and spiritual demise sends chills up my spine. Al eyleh ani bokheya, al shever bat ami!


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