Lakewood: Car Problems Traced to Jersey Gas Station


jersey-gasRecently, many vehicles in Lakewood, NJ,  have been having mechanical difficulties. The vehicles sputtered, stalled, and then did not start up again. The source of this problem appears to have been traced to the  Jersey Gas gas station, located at the corner of Second Street and Madison Avenue. It is not yet known exactly what happened. Many samples have been taken from these cars and the gas is currently being tested by the New Jersey Compliance officer to determine the cause. One explanation may be that the wrong amount of ethanol was mixed into the gas.It is important to note that the proprietor of Jersey Gas is in no way suspected of any wrongdoings. He is an upright businessman, and has been in operation for many years. Investigations are underway to see if the problem originated with the gas distributor or with the delivery company. Insurance companies for all three companies have been contacted, and they are also working to determine the problem and who is liable.

If you have purchased gas recently from Jersey Gas and feel that your vehicle may have been affected, make sure to save your receipt or credit card bill showing when you purchased the gas and the receipt of the repairs that have been done.

All local repair shops have been notified how to clean the gas tanks from this gas.

At this time, Jersey Gas has received a new shipment of gas that has been tested and it is fine.

You can call Anchor Auto Lease, at 732-363-8989 Ext. 307 for further information. We will keep you updated with further developments as we try to determine who may be responsible for the damages involved.

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. I usualy fill up there but I wouldn’t dare post my problems on line and ruin an ehrliche yids parnosoh. speak to your rov before submiting any negative info especialy since the prob seems to be corrected

  2. has anybody bothered to contact r.naftaly e. the propetier…. he is known for his ehrlichkiet in all his biznises

  3. I asked a posek on this situation and the posek I went to said it is absolutely not loshon hora if all someone is doing is notifying the public. Just because the owner is a yid means nothing. Nobody is accusing the owner but notifying that there was a problem.

    From experience the problem is usually the delivery truck which had bad gasoline mix.

    Another problem is when the tanks get to low and a big truck just filled up in front of you and what the rest of the customers get is sediments from the bottom of the tank.

    The owner couldhave waited too long before ordering a supplier to fill the 5,000 (Apx) gallon tank.

    I believe that it is more of sediments and not bad gasoline otherwise everyone would have had the problem.

    Last year the NJ gas station on the Pallisades Pkwy had major problem where more than 30 cars stalled out and it all happened within 1 hour. The cause in that case was bad gasoline and the cost of repairs were 3,000 dollars to each car and insurance paid for the fixing and cleaning of all the cars plus monies that people lost for work and rented cars.


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