Lakewood BlueClaws Announces “Jewish Heritage Night” With Concession Stand by Yussi’s


blue-clawsIn conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Ocean County and the Jewish Federation of Greater Monmouth County, the Lakewood BlueClaws will be holding a Jewish Heritage Night on June 9. Danny Goldberg, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Ocean County, said a similar event was held last year, called “Israel at 60,” and its success encouraged the BlueClaws to approach the federation about holding another event this year.

It should be noted that local mosdos serving the frum community forbid their students from attending BlueClaws events at the risk of expulsion.

Throughout the baseball season, the BlueClaws run a program where, prior to the game, the players interact with children from Little League baseball teams from the community, Goldberg said. Each player will go and warm up with a child of the same position and get to enjoy a pre-game workout with the team.

“So, instead of having it from one team they’re going to let us pick kids from the different Hebrew schools and the congregations, and Solomon Schechter,” he said.

There is also a program called Future Claws, where the children can play catch on the field before the game with each other.

Throughout the game there will be a variety of festivities that will take place in dedication to Jewish heritage, Goldberg said. There will be a parade, where all of the organizations involved in the night can march and hold banners that display their organization’s name.

“We’re hoping to get the Jewish War Veterans to come out and lead the parade with a color guard so that all the different synagogues, clubs, organizations from the different communities, sisterhoods, and men’s clubs can all parade with their banners around the field in the pre-game show,” he said.

Goldberg said there will be Jewish music prior to the game provided by Ed Goldberg’s Odessa Klezmer band. Also, a concession stand with kosher hot dogs will be set up by Yussi’s, a kosher deli in Lakewood, he said. The federation hopes to shortly confirm that deputy consul general at the Israeli Consulate General in New York, Benjamin Krasna, will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

“The BlueClaws are one of those fun entertaining kind of things in the community where it doesn’t cost a fortune to go out with your kids for an evening,” Goldberg said. “So we hope that a lot of families will come out and join us.”

Danny Goldberg said he believes the event is being held because the Ocean County Jewish community plays a major role in the county’s cultural life. As Jews in Ocean County, he said, it is imperative to participate in events like these and show solidarity.

“I think that there’s recognition of the fact that we are one of the ethnic communities that make up Ocean County,” he said. “And this is a way for us to be part of that mosaic and to be visible and take pride and our accomplishments as a community.”

Howard Gases, executive director the Jewish Federation of Monmouth County, said the federation is very excited about the baseball game and they are grateful to the Lakewood BlueClaws for inviting them.

“It might be challenging for some people from Monmouth County to come, but we think we’re close enough that people want to have an enjoyable evening, and at the same time celebrating their Jewish heritage and the state of Israel,” he said. “This is a welcome opportunity.”

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. Is this the same Yussis as Yussis Grill in Westgate? Oh man his food is greeeeaaaat! I you ever go to Yussis Grill in Westgate… try his Sushi. Even non Sushi eaters love Yussis Sushi.

  2. Am I reading that right? If you take your child to the ball game he gets expelled??!! I know that I am not “daas torah” but it would seem that a ball game is not the most pressing problem.

  3. Go go Blueclaws!!
    In the American torah world of the 60’s,70’s,80’s & onward, baseball games were part of life. The Lag Bomer baseball games between classes and schools, (before we imported the fiery bonefire theme from Israel)were the main activity that all talmidim looked forward to. Rav Yakov Kaminetsky zt”l would sometimes interject a name of a baseball team or action when speaking to the Torah Umesorah talmidim and talmidos to increase interest. We all knew about the great Jewish pitcher, Sandy Koufax. Let Lakewood modos decide on their chinuch and curriculum yet BASEBALL will live onward among many torah-true mishpachos and their children (B”H for some type of leisure activity besides smoking & gambling).

  4. A child who attends one of these events will be *expelled*? What is the reasoning behind that?

    No wonder we are losing so many kids to “the velt” when going to a baseball game gets the same penalty (or worse) than being mechallel Shabbos, eating treif or – horrors – wearing a blue shirt instead of a white one.

    Cheating on your income tax, on the other hand, doesn’t get you criticized by your shul. Chosen Mishpat, I’ve been told, is only for those who are learning to become a posek.

    Are we missing a sense of proportion here?

  5. how beautiful it is that LKWD parents and mosdos can shelter next generation’s gedolim from such a world… our mosdos should learn from xample- no stadiums.. no internet….

  6. Whoa Rachel talk about a lot of old washed up cliches. I counted six standard bashing points in your short post. Actually, those who want to know the truth about the expullsion rule should find out the history of the building of the Blue claws stadium and the involvement of a certain powerful special interest group. If you find out the truth, all will become clear.

  7. There is a certain frum newspaper in Monsey that is some sort of Lakewood voice.
    True, it neither had Sports nor Buisness sections.But the newspaper(read by many outside NY)NEVER informed what Mesechta BMG is learning in the current zman; what Chaburos are in Beis Eliyahu currently,etc.But three “gedoilim”, r’l, were always mentioned:Bush, Sharon and “senator” Lieberman.( Today’s yungerleit cannot understand that while being observant of certain unexact “Jewish” rituals, that man is an avid supported of toeiva and rtzicha).
    So, what’s wrong with BlueClaws?..


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