Kosher Search Engine Launched


koogleFrom a Reuters report: Religiously devout Jews barred by rabbis from surfing the Internet may now “Koogle” it on a new “kosher” search engine, the site manager said today. Yossi Altman said Koogle, a play on the names of a Jewish noodle pudding and the ubiquitous Google, appears to meet the standards of Orthodox rabbis, who restrict use of the Web to ensure followers avoid viewing objectionable material.The site, at, omits objectionable material, Altman said.

“This is a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet,” Altman said by telephone.

The site was developed in part at the encouragement of rabbis who sought a solution to the needs of ultra-Orthodox Jews to browse the Web particularly for vital services, he said.

Nothing can be posted on Shabbos, Altman said. “If you try to buy something on Shabbos, it gets stuck and won’t let you.”

{Reuters/Noam Newscenter}


  1. This is an excellent accommodation between the needs of living in contemporary society and the need to preserve a Haredi-style Torah environment.

    It will be challenging technically to strike the right balance between filtering and usefulness, but the basic idea is wonderful.

    Yasher koach to all concerned!


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