Knesset Discusses the Issue of Bans on Chareidim


gafni-maklevA more serious example of the contempt with which the chareidi community is viewed, and the refusal to recognize its elementary rights, such as was seen in the Knesset on Wednesday 3 Adar II has not been seen for a long time.

MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni posed a Parliamentary question to the Minister of Justice Yaakov Ne’eman, about the refusal of several communities of various sizes to allow chareidim to live within them. Rabbi Gafni cited Ramat Hashavim as an example, since they recently refused to allow chareidim to go there to live for no other reason than their being chareidim. Similar issues are raised in other areas and Rabbi Gafni asked the Minister why his ministry has done nothing to address this issue of racism and discrimination.

Minister Ne’eman replied from the Knesset podium that the assistant attorney general told him that his office was not aware of any cases of denial of entry to chareidim, and any instances should be reported to his office and they will be dealt with properly.

Rabbi Gafni was astonished by this reply. “This is an outrage,” he said. “He is fooling you. He knows all about this and he even wrote me a letter about it.

“Two and a half months ago I wrote a detailed letter to Atty Yehuda Weinstein, the Attorney General, with all the facts in the case of Ramat Hashavim. It took two months until I received a reply. I can only imagine what would have happened if it had been an Arab or an Ethiopian family that had been refused residence in this settlement. Would the Attorney General have dared wait two months, and would he have answered that the case is not criminal but merely a social and educational issue? I would like to see if a mayor like the mayor of Kiryat Malachi, who said last week that he would not allow any chareidim to live in his city, would last one day if he had said that he would not allow Russians or Arabs to live there.”

In reply the Minister of Justice asked to see a copy of the correspondence and promised to check it out thoroughly. Reuven Rivlin, the speaker of the Knesset, also said that the Knesset would follow up on this serious issue.

{Eliezer Rauchberger-Deiah Vedibur/ Newscenter}


  1. A pure act of SINAS CHINAM, so forth putting klal yisroel in the same position it was in almost 2000 years ago causing the destruction of the second Bais Hamikdosh. Leaving Hashem no right or reason to restore the Bais Hamikdosh & bring Mashiach.

    THE ONLY WAY FOR MASHIACH TO COME is if ALL of klal yisroel comes together as one-no matter which group from frum to chasidish to conservative¬Ö- for without achdus a person has nothing (without shalom & achdus in a persons home, he has no home)


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