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leiby-kletzky[Reposted by request. Donate info below] Matzav.com has received countless requests for information regarding the shivah of Leiby Kletzky z”l Hy”d, as many people wish to express their condolences to the Kletzky family. Some would like to send letters and packages to the family to express their support at this painful time.

Leiby is survived by his parents, Reb Nachman and Esti Kletzky; his grandparents, Reb Yosef and Golda Kletzky and Reb Yitzchok and Mirel Foster; and his siblings, Ruchy, Chayala, Yehudis, Sarah and Nechama.

The family is sitting shivah at 5701 15th Avenue, Apt. 6J, between 57th Street and 58th Street, in Boro Park. Shacharis is at 8:30 a.m. and Maariv is at 9:30 p.m.

Matzav.com has been in touch with those closely involved, who conveyed that those who will be visiting in person are asked to come only between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., and 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. The family will be getting up from shivah on Wednesday morning.

Those who wish to assist the family at this trying time may send contributions to:

Kupas Blev Echad

c/o Rav Binyomin Eisenberger

1448 56th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

Umachah Hashem dimah mei’al kol ponim.

May we know no further tzaar.

{Shmiel Gellman, Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Disclaimer! I am not aware of any need or plans

    Those who wish to donate ???? ??”? ???? ????
    Might find it approriate to send it to Reb Nachman’s Rav
    Kupas Blev Echad
    Horav Binyomin Eisenberger
    1448 56th Street Brooklyn NY 11219

  2. Do the Kletzky’s wanna bo left alone or not?

    I’d like to pay a shiva call but only if they dont mind.

    Please advise

  3. people dont forget to keep in mind what they need what theyre needs are. many times ppl get caught up in helping people and do a mitzva. at this horrible time for them proceeed with caution. and only do what will bring them good and any possible comfort. dont make the mistake of getting caught up in doing a mitzva without right sensitivity the end of tha it will be big aveirah instead. may god help the kletzky family

  4. The $100,000 that was so generously put up as a reward for any information should be given to the family. Anyway else agree to this? (This obviously doesn’t replace ANYTHING but could help relieve a lot of pressure at this most difficult time. The shiva and aveilus period will not heal the pain this will cause for a life time. Or at least part of the money and the rest to be donated to other tzedekas L”N Leiby. Perhaps this was already considered?

  5. Is anyone helping the father of the murderer? The father did not commit any crime, he is a Jew whose life has been destroyed. Does he have any support at all?

  6. I believe that they will not read my messege of condolences however,we are all spiritually conected Areivim zeh lo zeh so, I will save my coments to them in my heart and send to them thru our spiritual conection.

    To all others jews we know sadly to say the enormous chilul Hashem commited by this rosha.
    Our inocence as a G-d fearing people was usurped and violated! It will be the excuse and the topic by which our enemies will try to describe us and remember us. Lets us change!
    let us show Am Isroel the maamimim benei maaminim that we are! that from the ashes of the holocaust we build great communities
    and help ourselves despite all the terrible nightmare they did to us. we did that with hard work and loyalty to Torah values.

    simply let us be better jews in memory of Leiby Z”l

  7. I hope this isn’t a stupid question; I want to send my condolences to the family of Leiby but I can’t find etiquette of what to send in a card or what to say. I’m catholic, are there things that are forbidden to say or is money okay to send? Thank You for your time!

  8. to #16
    The money offered as a reward for information should be given to those who provided information, of course! Sounds to me, from the news items, that R’ German deserves it. And he shouldn’t be made to feel that it’s not his.

  9. to #14
    It is absolutely not a stupid question. You can simply speak from the heart and let them know that as a Catholic you were touched by this story and share their pain. Or you can look for an appropriate card that expresses your feelings.


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