Kiryas Yoel Releases Final Study In Expansion Bid


kiryas joel expansionPlans for a land deal involving Kiryas Yoel would have a minimal impact on the surrounding area, according to an official statement by Kiryas Yoel leaders  on Monday, reports News 12 in the Hudson Valley.

The environmental impact statement was sent to Town of Monroe lawmakers, who will vote on whether to allow the village to annex nearby land.

Many Orange County residents oppose the plan for the village’s expanded footprint, including County Executive Steve Neuhaus, who says plans to develop the land could negatively impact the entire county.

John Allegro, another opponent to the plan, disputes the report’s claims that the expansion will have minimal impact on the environment, transportation, social services and population.

“We’re talking intense, non-organic growth here,” Allegro says. “We’re talking about the potential of a mass migration of 50,000 people.”

Kiryas Joel wants to build high-density housing on 507 acres.

Read more at Hudson Valley News 12.



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