King May Throw His Hat Into 2016 White House Ring


peter-kingLong Island Congressman Peter King told CBS 2 and 1010 WINS on Thursday he’s considering a run for the White House.

King, a Republican, has represented parts of Nassau and Suffolk counties for 20 years. He just finished up a term as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

King spoke to CBS 2’s Tony Aiello on Thursday afternoon from Washington D.C. He said some big Republicans, including a former attorney general, have convinced him to consider a run in 2016.

“I would be a strong voice on national defense, counterterrorism, also be able to reach into what we used to call the ‘Reagan Democrats,'” King told Aiello.

“As Republicans we should be making real inroads into organized labor, the construction unions, into the police officers, the firefighters. These are people that we should not be writing off and should be making part of our coalition as Ronald Reagan did,” Rep. King told 1010 WINS.

Congressman King said it’s early and informal, but he’s serious. He also said if nothing else, a run for the GOP nomination gives him a platform to push back against what he considers an isolationist trend in his party.

“I think the party is being defined too much by what I would call isolationists, people who don’t realize we have a real national defense role in the world. We have an Islamic terror enemy that’s out to destroy us. And also by people who are too willing to write off what should be basic strengths of the Republican Party,” King said.

Read more at 1010 WINS NY.

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  1. Hm, there are a lot of people who think Peter King will bring us back to the dark ages. Et tu, Matzav editors? 😉


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