‘Killer Drone’ Is a Lousy Hamas Fake


hamas-droneNo, this isn’t the beginning of the Islamic extremists’ unmanned air force of death. It’s likely a crude drone with some toys that just look like weapons.

Hamas has released a new video on Monday that supposedly shows footage of its new killer drone.

But don’t worry: the Islamic extremist robot air force of death is not about to get you. Hamas’ use of these so-called “killer drones” is part of a psychological warfare campaign rather than the beginning of new flying killer robot scourge. Their drones are tiny, and couldn’t cause much damage even if they were fully armed – which they probably aren’t.

The Hamas video shows a small drone with perhaps a 10ft wingspan, and with what appear to be four small rockets mounted on under the wings. But the exact size of the machine is difficult to judge since there is no point of reference.

Though the Hamas footage is likely genuine, the drone and its weapons appear to be little more than crudely built toys. The jerky movements shown in the video suggests that a person visually operates the drone much like a remote-controlled model plane in someone’s backyard. Further, the rockets carried by the drone are tiny and appear to be fake. Even if they weren’t, the weapons are too small to do any real damage–if they ever actually manage to hit anything. Read more at The Daily Beast.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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