Kiddush Hashem: Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel Students Save Woman From Burning Home


yeshiva-tiferes-yisroel[Video below.] WABC NY reports: A second-alarm fire ripped through a home in the Midwood section of Brooklyn Thursday morning, and some students at a nearby school are being hailed as heroes.

The fire broke out on East 35th Street just after 10:30 a.m., and heavy smoke spewed through the area.

A nearby Orthodox Jewish school was evacuated, and it was the quick thinking of three teenage boys that saved the lives of a woman and her daughter.

The fire started on the second floor of a house, and Kenya Robinson was inside. She was on the first floor with her 2-year-old and had no idea the the flames and smoke were taking over.

Helen Lebowitz lives in the attached home to the left.

“I smelled smoke, looked outside and looked against her house and saw movement, like flames,” she said.

But students at Yeshiva Tifere Israel knew something was wrong.

“It was a lot of smoke,” student Albert Grazi said. “It was increasing as time went on, and we all ran down…We wanted to go and see if we could help in any way.”

They didn’t hesitate and ran out of class.

“Us three ran downstairs, we knocked on the door on the right, heard the dog barking and she didn’t know there was a fire,” student Daniel Caler said.

“We told the lady, she thought something was burning in the oven or something,” student Danny Tliv said. “She grabbed her child. The dog ran back in the house, she ran out.”

When the boys first got to the house, for a split second they thought about running in.

“We just tried breaking down the door, even just to scream from there,” Grazi said. “I would have been scared to go in the house, it would have been a little dangerous.”

Ira Brown, of the Heaven Can Wait Rescue for animasl, also happened to be in the right place at the right time. He lives down the block and rushed to help. Firefighters had pulled a Yorkshire Terrier out of the fire, unconscious and in shock.

Ira gave him oxygen and focused on getting him stabilized and to a vet.

“He was struggling to breathe, but wasn’t giving up,” he said. “As long as he keeps fighting to breathe, he’ll have a chance.”

Click here for a video report.

(WABC-TV/ Newscenter)


  1. Baruch Hashem there are more and more kiddish Hashem stories. The more we keep searching the
    more we will see. I am happy for each story I see.

  2. Using the words “Kiddush Hashem”, makes it sound like they put up a good show for the onlookers, and it deminishes the Human Value of the victims.

    You would never use the words “Kiddush Hashem” when you save a Yiddishe child, because, the fact that the child stayed alive is the overwhelming happiness.


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