Kid Made Famous With Face On Shoko Container Sues to Have Picture Removed


shokolat-smallSee the kid drinking chocolate milk on the left in the picture on the container of chocolate powder made by Elite?

He just sued Elite for using his image without due compensation. He won the court case and Elite is being forced to remove his picture within 6 months. He also sued for 5 million shekel when they initially refused to remove the picture.

This kid is now a young man in the IDF and has had enough. He was initially paid 3520 NIS for participating in a photo shoot as an extra for an agency. No agreement was signed, supposedly, for use of the picture, and since then his picture has adorned the Strauss-Elite can of chocolate powder for 10 years!

shokolatIt started to bother him when he was taunted in school, as kids gave him the nickname – it seems not to be an endearing one: “Shoko.” The name stuck; some still call him “Shoko,” it seems, and it still bothers him.

Clearly, he never received due compensation for 10 years worth of advertising for a flagship product for a major company when he was paid 3520 NIS (about $800).

The courts ruled in his favor and Elite must remove his image within 6 months.

Interestingly, nowhere did he say he was interested in money. All he wanted was his image removed. The only time he sued for money was when they refused to remove his image, and it seems like the monetary demand was dropped when the courts ruled against Elite and they agreed to comply.

The lawyer for the young man is named Gilad Korinaldi. A recent article stated that he was the only lawyer to defeat Ariel Sharon and his government during the time of the disengagement among the many lawsuits against different aspects of the disengagement.

{Rafi G.-Life in Israel, Yair Israel}



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