Kashrus In Israel May Be Privatized


Haaretz reports that a study underway to explore ways to improve the Israeli rabbinate’s efficiency and reliability may conclude with the removal of the rabbinate’s monopoly over kashrus in favor of private kashrus organizations. Some claim that privatization would save the economy 300 million shekels of the 2.8 billion shekels a treasury report claimed kashrus costs companies a year. Others claim that such a measure would make kashrus more expensive.

A second, less drastic alternative will be to improve the present system by requiring mashgichim to report to supervisors answerable to local chief rabbis and to eliminate conflict of interest by having mashgichim paid by an external company instead of by the places they supervise.

A preliminary study headed by Petach Tikvah Chief Rabbi Micha Halevy found businesses complaining that each local chief rabbi sets down a personal standard of kashrus and that no standardized policies or prices exists.

In consequence, the committee already decided to create standardized policies and costs.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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