Kashrus Alerts, May 21: Listerine Pocketpacks No Longer Under Hashgacha


listerine-pocket-packs-Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Listerine Pocketpaks, has informed Kof-K Kosher Supervision that they will be discontinuing kosher certification of Listerine Pocketpaks as of July 1, 2009. In anticipation of this change, Johnson & Johnson has revised packaging to no longer bear the Kof-K Kosher symbol. Due to potential consumer confusion, Kof-K Kosher Supervision recommends Listerine Pocketpaks only when bearing the Kof-K symbol.
-Pepsi is introducing a new flavor, Pepsi Throwback, which is kosher and pareve.
-The newest flavor of Sierra Mist is kosher pareve. It goes by the name of “Ruby Splash,” but is also known as “grapefruit.”
-Costco is selling Coca Cola that is made in Mexico. The brand name of Coke products that are kosher in the United States are also kosher when bottled in Mexico.
-Dr. Pepper is introducing a new flavor Berry Bonkers, which is kosher and pareve.

-The newest Slurpee flavors, Apocalyptic Ice, Melon Berry Blast, Mutant Berry and Hawaiian Punch Berry Limeade Blast are kosher pareve.

-Certain packages of original Cream of Wheat in red packages have an OK on the outside box, but an OK-D on the inside pack. That particular product (original only) is indeed pareve. There was a printing error. Other flavored varieties may be dairy, OK-D, as printed on the label.

{Matzav.com Kashrus Division/Kashrut.org}


  1. This was a great product. I hope Listerene will change its mind and have a hashgacha. I will miss using this product.

  2. ask ur local rabbi if it really needs a hechsher if u spit it all out. listerine in the bottle never had a hechsher and almost everyone uses it. I think I once heard that the reason may be because u sit it out.


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