Karl Rove: Numbers Don’t Point to Obama Third-Term Victory


President Barack Obama might believe he could have won a third term in office, but political analyst Karl Rove said Tuesday the numbers just would not have been there, NEWSMAX reports.

“We don’t know whether or not his assertion is accurate or not,” Rove told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” where the former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush remains as a correspondent. “First of all, he can’t run again. He is limited to two terms. But there [are] interesting numbers in the exit polls.”

In those polls, Rove pointed out on his trademark white, dry-erase boards, the numbers radically changed from 2012 to 2016, and could have pointed at an Obama loss for a third term.

“In 2012, 47 percent of the voters said the country was going in the right direction, voted for Obama, 93-7 over Mitt Romney,” Rove saud. “Fifty-two percent said the country was going in the wrong direction and voted 13 percent for President Obama and 89 percent for Mitt Romney.”

And when you fast forward to 2016, Rove said, “the percentage of the people saying we’re in the right direction was down to 33 percent in the right direction. They voted for Hillary Clinton, those that said it was going in the right direction by 89-7 over [President-elect] Donald Trump.”

“I’m not certain if I were President Obama I would be glibly saying ‘I would have won,’ particularly when you read the rest of the interview,” Rove said. “He says, ‘Oh, we were doing great things for rural America and they benefited from the Affordable Care Act, and we really, you know we really did a lot of things for working-class white voters. The economy was getting so much better.’




  1. Obama’s arrogant comment that he would have won against Trump is basically faulting Hillary with her loss and not his policies. It is anti-woman, and passes the blame.

  2. Why don’t we grow up maybe we should discuss the fact if ronald Reagan was alive I& could run for 30 terms he
    would still be president


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