Karl Rove: Jeb Bush ‘Deepest Thinker On Our Side’


karl-roveFormer Florida governor Jeb Bush is intent on being “the anti-George W. Bush” – presenting himself as an advice-taking intellectual and a hands-on executive determined to maximize governmental efficiency, The New York Times reports.

To run and win in the 2016 presidential race, Bush, age 61, needs to differentiate himself from his older brother’s White House legacy.

He has staked out a position as someone who values ideas and is eager to seek advice for solving public policy dilemmas. Bush has co-authored a book on immigration and has a reputation as a vociferous reader of nonfiction and journals dealing with ideas and politics.

While George W. Bush, 67, went with gut feelings and wasn’t known to dwell over dense political tomes, Jeb Bush lets it be known he is a cerebral technocrat willing to read the small print of legislation.

Republican strategist Karl Rove refers to Bush as the “deepest thinker on our side.”

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