Kaminsky Calls For Cameras At Lawrence Train Station Following Swastika Incident


Displaying IMG_2437.jpgLawrence, NY – Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky called on the Long Island Railroad (“LIRR”) today to swiftly install surveillance cameras at the Lawrence train station after numerous swastikas were found etched into the glass on the platform. Assemblyman Kaminsky immediately notified LIRR personnel to the existence of the swastikas, which were removed shortly thereafter. MTA Police were also notified and present on the scene.

“The most effective way to prevent hate speech from spreading is to stop it from happening in the first place. Cameras provide a great measure of deterrence and send a message that hate speech will not be tolerated,” said Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky. “In the meantime, the swift response to such hate graffiti is necessary to keep gutless vandals from terrorizing our community. I commend the LIRR for quickly answering my call to action.”

Since Assemblyman Kaminsky took office, he has led the fight against hate graffiti. In a letter sentJanuary 4, Assemblyman Kaminsky called on the LIRR to install surveillance cameras at the Cedarhurst train station after swastikas were also found etched into the glass at that train station. The LIRR has since agreed to install the cameras at that stop.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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