JUSTICE: Palestinian Murderer of Dafna Meir Hy”d Gets Life in Prison


An Israeli military court issued a life sentence and a NIS 1.75 million [approximately $460,000] fine to the Palestinian teenager who slaughtered a mother in front of her children at her West Bank home on January 17.

According to the report, Morad Bader Abdullah Adais was convicted after confessing to the terrorist attack. The court emphasized that the apt punishment for the 16-year-old’s “unusually brutal cold-blooded murder” was the denial of his freedom for the rest of his life. The court also recommended that any committee or other official body charged with examining the issue in the future prevent his early release.

The indictment detailed the murder of 38-year-old Dafna Meir, a nurse and mother-of-six from the settlement of Otniel south of Chevron, at the hands of the boy, who said he had been inspired to kill Jews through incitement on Palestinian Authority TV channels and Facebook. He stated that he had decided to commit a stabbing attack and to die the death of a “martyr for Allah.”

dafna mayerAccording to the indictment, Adais “took a 14-cm [5.5-inch] butcher’s knife from the kitchen of his home, crossed the wadi separating his house from Otniel, hid near the Meir house and waited for the right moment to attack.”

He then noticed Meir through the window, talking on the telephone, and her two small children — opting to make her his victim. When she exited her front door, after handing the phone to one of her kids, the Palestinian lunged at her and stabbed her in the stomach, as she and her children began to scream. Meir, according to the indictment, struggled with the attacker, but when her strength ran out, the teen continued stabbing her all over her body. When the knife got stuck and he was unable to dislodge it, he left the premises. When he arrived home and saw Meir’s blood on his clothes, he washed up and sat down to watch a movie with his family.

Two days later, soldiers from the elite IDF unit Duvdevan raided Adais’ house — in the village of Beit Amra — in the middle of the night, “dragged” him out of bed and arrested him.

As The Algemeiner reported in April, Meir’s widower, Natan, and her 17-year-old daughter, Renana — who not only witnessed her mother being stabbed to death, but attempted to fight off the assailant — visited New York to attend an “open debate” on the Middle East at the UN Security Council.

“It hurt me to hear the Palestinian representative talk about the Palestinian kids in Israeli prisons, when one of those was the teenager who murdered my wife,” Natan Meir said, claiming that the UN “uses irrelevant keys to open the door to peace by condemning Israel and spewing lies.”

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  1. Justice would entail Dafna Meir’s (H”yd) murderer in a grave with a pig carcass, not temporarily locked up until the next Israeli “goodwill gesture” or prisoner exchange.


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