Julio Acevedo Pleads Not Guilty in Glauber Tragedy


julio-acevedoJulio Acevedo has pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter in a car crash in Brooklyn, N.Y., that killed Nachman and Raizy Glauber. The couple’s premature baby was delivered after the wreck but died a day later.

Acevedo also pleaded not guilty Thursday to criminally negligent homicide.

A lesser charge, announced earlier this month, accuses him of leaving the scene of the accident.

Police say Acevedo was speeding on March 3 before crashing into the hired car carrying Nachman and Raizy to the hospital. The defendant was later arrested in Bethlehem, Pa.

Acevedo’s family has described him as a loving, stay-at-home dad. His lawyer says it was a tragic accident and not a crime.

{CBS News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. i don’t get it he turned himself in and went 2 da police but now he’spleading not guilty? how in heavens name does that work?!

  2. he did not just do 10 years in prison get the facts straight. if you was following you would know what’s going on. This man has two kids. so yes he was a stay at home dad. And may I say a pretty good stay at home dad at that.


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