Judge Rules Against Menendez’s Attempt to Dismiss Charges


senator-robert-menendezA federal judge on Thursday rejected more attempts by defense attorneys for Sen. Bob Menendez and co-defendant Salomon Melgen to have parts of their indictment on bribery and other corruption charges dismissed, The Record reports.

Earlier, U.S. District Judge William H. Walls had thrown out four of the 22 counts alleging some political contributions Melgen made were bribes, but he left intact most of the charges.

On Thursday, Walls rejected an argument that Menendez could not be charged in New Jersey for filing an allegedly false financial disclosure statement because the statement was filed in Washington, D.C. He noted the indictment says the alleged crimes took place in New Jersey “and elsewhere.”

Walls also rejected arguments that Menendez’s actions on Melgen’s behalf did not meet the definition of “official acts” in the bribery statute, and that the charges in the indictment lacked specificity required by the Fifth and Sixth amendments.



  1. I truly hope these charges aren’t true. Senator Menendez has been a friend of the Jewish community and a steadfast backer of Israel. He deserves our gratitude and support.


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