Join The Movement: Baalebatim Join Together To Raise The Bar For Kupas Yom Tov


With Yom Tov rapidly approaching and the ever-growing list of requests, the heat is on to raise the necessary funds to cover the checks. Kupas Yom Tov was started before Pesach two and a half years ago. The Lakewood community was struck with the sudden untimely petira of one of BMG’s most chashuve yungerleit, R’ Shlomo Zalmen Rosengarten Z’’l, and Hayeled Eliyahu Eliezer Raitzik A’h, in one day. This double heartbreak gave way to an awakening of the true feeling of love and caring we have towards each other, and thus Kupas Yom Tov was born. Kupas Yom Tov was established with the goal of significantly easing the financial burden that many yungerleit face when covering the Yom Tov expenses. While many of these chashuve Yungerleit ‘make it’ from month to month, choosing to live simply and make do with less, when the Yom Tov expenses pile up they simply can’t do it.


With tremendous siyata Dishmaya the idea was warmly embraced. all were thrilled for an opportunity to help their own friends, relatives, neighbors. The kupa grew very quickly, from $90,000 the first Yom tov, to quadrupeling this past Pesach. As the kupa grew, so did the number of names coming in, and every Yom tov we try our hardest not to have to turn down anyone on our list.


This Yom Tov however, the bar was raised. We were approached by a handful of Chashuve Baalebatim who are looking to help the benai Torah, and have challenged us that if we push ourselves and raise an even larger amount they will match part of the funds to hopefully reach and help1000 families! The pressure is on and we are doing whatever we can, but we are approaching you with the offer; join the movement, and help us reach our goal. Now is your chance to help your own friends, relatives, and neigbors, and have the zechus of Hachzakas HaTorah to boot. May we all be zoche to the beracha of “Eitz chayim he.. vetomchea meushar” because after all who is really supporting who!

Donations can be sent to Kupas Yom Tov c/o Horav Malkiel Kotler 521 5th St. Or online at or you can call our 24 hour hotline 732-334-0050 to find out about sponsoring a family please call 732-334-0050 ext. 5

Please donate $120 or whatever you can.




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