John McCain: Never Seen World in So Much Turmoil


mccainSenator John McCain says he has never seen the world in as much turmoil as it is today, and that President Barack Obama is naive in not understanding the U.S. leadership role.

“I think he’s having great difficulty in his presidency,” the Arizona Republican said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Obama is doing nothing, McCain argued, as the Middle East sees strife in Iraq, Syria and Israel, and he has refused to visit the Mexican border as thousands of children have flooded across it. At the very least, McCain said, the president could visit with overtaxed border workers and thank them for the job they are doing.

“I have never . . . imagined there would be such a lack of American leadership,” McCain told host Bill O’Reilly, “and the consequences are horrendous.”

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  1. Obama is nit naïve–he is disinterested. he has done all he could to lower the prestige of our country. he has not had a good thing to say about the USA. I am afraid ‘American leadership’ no longer exists

  2. McCain is right that this is pretty bad, but really its not as horrible (yet, c’vs) that it could be. It is not a time yet of hate for the ancestors of good conduct and it is not a time where we have discussion of denial of liberty for changes of good. Ultimately, we are in an error of the poor shaping their own future by direct agitated reaction to timing. This is ok for this day. We will be suffering in our house and freedom, but our civil liberties should be protected. So no doomsday from my point of view. But the little snackies who are monsters must all be eliminated. There is no freedom in terror.


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