John McCain: ISIS’ Rise Was A Direct Result Of Obama Policy “Failure”


mccainThe rise of an al Qaeda-inspired insurgency movement currently seizing control of Syria and northern parts of Iraq, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., argued Sunday on “Face the Nation,” was preventable at the hands of the United States.

Thanks to the 2007 surge into Iraq that effectively allayed the last great bout of sectarian violence there, “we did have this situation stabilized,” McCain said. “We could have left a residual force behind, which would have stabilized the situation.

“This is not like a hurricane or an earthquake; this didn’t have to happen,” he went on, referring to the meteoric climb of fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) extremist group. “This is a failure of the United States policy. And by the way, there still is none that I can discern – either a policy or strategy – to handle this situation.”

McCain said that before turning focus to replacing Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the U.S. must join Iraq’s government in performing airstrikes against the militants, who have most recently set their sites on capturing the country’s largest oil refinery. He also reiterated his case that that President Obama should authorize more assistance to the Syrian rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, because they’re “right now getting very badly beaten.”

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  1. I think you can blame Mr. Obama for not defending the constitution in America as a man who can speak of true liberty but you can not exactly assign him blame for being a coward that hit the wall of political hate. In so much as Obama has indeed dropped the flag a few notches in the eye of time, his real issue is not his real poverty of lax manners in an era of limited austerity but his lost value of good hope in his common sense.

    This is quite upsetting because Mr. Obama has not been entirely faithful to time and direction of better hope.

    His reality is not a feasible alternative for discussion lost to time against form but rather bad change for direction limited by political accession.

    Time will heal some of this misconduct in the middle east, but however, there is concern my most people that Obama is not entirely a ready man should the worst continue to evolve.

    Limiting the reality of political discussion against time is not public discussion of good memory discussed for good reasoning. Mr. Obama is like a charlie horse in the sky. And the reality is he is pulling his own chosen direction by limiting public hope for honor against the common wealth.

    A padded socialist agenda. A chased indirect liberal yet lapsed human successfully drawn dream. And a heart without pride in his own fortune. Mr. Obama is the lamppost for the Al Queda reform.


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