Jewish Music Report Interviews Yerachmiel Begun


miamiyavo[Audio below.] While our friends at the Jewish Music Report have been running their site for just a few months, it has attracted an ever growing number of visitors in the Jewish music industry and among Jewish music listeners. JMR co-founder Mendel “the Sheichet” Markel told, “We decided early on that we wanted to provide interesting quality content that would stick out because of a solid work ethic… We felt that our approach had to be based on mentchlichkeit and Torah values, because we felt that the majority of people who appreciate Jewish music also appreciate Torah values.” shares with its readers a recent interview conducted by Mendel with Yerachmiel Begun of Miami Boys Choir. In this interview Yerachmiel and Mendel discuss the challenges of choral recording, arranging and songwriting, and also the hartzigkeit, neshama and Torah values in music. They also discuss the new Miami album “Yavo.”

To listen to the interview, click here.

 {Jewish Music Report/Elisha Newscenter}



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