Jewish Museum: Google Profits From Holocaust Denial


A Jewish museum in Atlanta says Google is profiting from Holocaust denial, because the institution has to pay to be the top result for the search term “did the Holocaust happen” over neo-Nazi websites. The Breman Museum pays $2 a click to guide people to their site over the many others claiming the Holocaust never occurred. David Schendowich, marketing director of the museum, said it’s “nauseating” to have to shell out the money to AdWords, Google’s ad service, for the result.

“They may not take money from people denying the Holocaust, but the point is that museums and other organizations are paying to combat this stuff,” Schendowich said. “They plainly are. We are. We’re paying them up to $2 a click.” He added that search engine optimization, as well as AdWords, is a large part of the museum’s current marketing strategy. In response, a spokesman from Google said, “We never want to make money from searches for Holocaust denial and we don’t allow regular advertising on those terms.” Read more at THE GUARDIAN.




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