Jewish Hidden Billionaire Cohen Hauls Fortune in Unmarked Trucks


richard-b-cohen-cs-wholesale-grocersC&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. Chairman Richard B. Cohen’s last interview was published a decade ago. Source: C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc.

There’s a reason why Richard B. Cohen escapes attention.

The chairman of C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. works out of a nondescript office park once slated to house a county jail in Keene, New Hampshire, a leafy mountain hamlet 90 miles northwest of Boston.

The truckers who deliver goods from the company’s 54 distribution centers drive unmarked tractor-trailers. Cohen’s last interview was published a decade ago. Even the Keene Chamber of Commerce overlooked C&S as one of the town’s largest employers.

“We’re the biggest company no one has ever heard of,” Bryan T. Granger, a company spokesman, said by phone.

The 61-year-old — who goes by “Rick” — has transformed C&S into the world’s largest grocery wholesaler since taking the helm of the business in 1989, making him one of the 100 richest people in the world and the wealthiest man in New England after Connecticut hedge-fund manager Raymond T. Dalio, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Read more at Bloomberg.

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  1. Anyone who follows the information around after Pesach regarding chometz sheavar alav hapesach in supermarkets is familiar with this firm.

  2. HUMILITY Is the best policy

    2 important messages to remember in life:

    1)Who is the one that is ready to be an Employer? Why should i deserve to be an employer more then a employee? The one that his money & business won’t effect his relationship with Hashem he is still going to daven in a minyan every day & have a learning ??? every day. While an employee only works from 9:00AM to 5:00PM this time of work is his fence between him & Hashem telling him its time to go Daven & learn. But the person that realizes this does not need this fence as a reminder to go daven & learn. Hashem sees he gives ???? he Davens & learns everyday why shouldn’t he be a multi millionaire he knows how to spend it right & appreciates that Hashem picked him to be an employer more then an employee. Why don’t jews run the biggest businesses in the world? Because if we do it will effect the relationship between him & Hashem (he will forget to daven & not be ???? ??? etc…) while on the other hand the phone company of IDT is owned by a jew by the name of Howard Jonas. Why is he the owner of such a big company? Why did Hashem pick him? Hashem saw in the future that this man has the potential to be rich & not forget Hashem that put him in this position & still do his ???? (Howard Jonas even has a book he made, the name is I’M NOT THE BOSS.)

    2)What is the secret to success in business? A person came to me for some ????? (encouragement). He told me he was a Rebbe & was not having a lot of Hatzlacha with his students. He then asked me if i had any advice for him. I then told him don’t be a rebbe for the $40,000 paycheck, do it for the sake of Hashem (not for the sake of money)& then you are guaranteed to be successful by Hashem Himself. He got back to me a few weeks later & told me he was doing much better B”H based on that now he was doing his job from a complete different perspective. This can apply to ANY livelihood. (ex. 1) A contractor-if you build a house with the intention for a Jewish family to move in & raise a jewish family then you are guaranteed success from Hashem. 2)A plumber- before you came to your customers house there was a mess & a lot of screaming with Shalom Bayis problems. But now you fixed the bathroom & there’s peace in the house) Bottom line: When a person does his job for the sake of Hashem then he is guaranteed success & he still gets the same paycheck.


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