J Street’s Campus Wing Elects Muslim as President


netanyahu-jstreetJ Street U, the campus wing of the larger J Street organization, has elected a Muslim student, Amna Farooqi, as president of its national board.

It is an entirely appropriate choice, given that Farooqi’s views are hostile to the Israeli government, like those of J Street itself.

It is also a well-timed choice, given that J Street is trying to persuade Congress to back the Iran deal, to which a growing proportion of American Jews is opposed.

It confirms that J Street is not, in fact, a pro-Israel organization.

Farooqi, who comes from a pro-Palestinian background, has studied abroad in Jerusalem, and has engaged to some degree with Jewish student groups in order to understand the other side of the argument.

In a speech to J Street’s recent national conference, Farooqi said that she had learned through her studies that Zionism was “the Jewish people taking control of their future after a history of being trampled on,” and even that she “fell in love with Zionism.”

And yet in the same talk, she disparaged Israeli Jews as racist, and slammed her fellow American students abroad as being apathetic towards Palestinians.

In fact, the only Israeli viewpoint with which she identifies is that of the radical left.

Her Twitter timeline, for example, is dominated by criticisms of Israel, and retweets of criticisms others have made. One tweet, for example, refers to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “douchebag.” (She does not criticize the Palestinians.)

At a moment of real peril, when Israel faces radical Islamic terror and a fanatical Iranian regime that has attacked Jews worldwide, J Street U has chosen to emphasize that its support for Israel is conditional, at best.

A truly pro-Israel Muslim would not join J Street U, much less seek office in it. The group, and its new leader, are a good fit.

Read more at Breitbart.

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  1. J Street and Neturei Karta are soul brothers and equally treasonous to their Jewish brethren across the political and hashkafic spectrum.


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