Ivanka Trump Donates $1,000 to Project in Memory of Sassoon Children z”l


Ivanka Trump, President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, has donated $1,000 to a project meant to honor the seven children of Gavriel and Gayle Sassoon who passed away in a tragic house fire in Brooklyn last year, Eddie Small reports for DNAinfo.

The GoFundMe page for what has been dubbed “The Sassoon 7 Project” aims to raise $1 million to build a community facility at 3371 Bedford Ave., where a devastating fire in March 2015 caused by a hot plate killed the seven children between the ages of 5 and 16.

The facility would include a library and a men’s and women’s learning center, and it has so far raised $126,734 of its $1 million goal.

The project’s GoFundMe page was launched on Nov. 24 on behalf of Gayle Sassoon, and Trump made her donation to the cause on Friday.

Although contributors to GoFundMe campaigns have the option to make their donations anonymously, Trump made hers under her full name, and GoFundMe confirmed that the donation did indeed come from the president-elect’s daughter, as per DNAinfo.




  1. I think she can or might be presidential material in 2024/28/32. Because of early voting I’d like to cast my vote now. If anything she has a yiddisher haartz and a gutta yiddisher nushuma.

  2. What is Matzav’s obsession with everything the non frum Ivanka does or does not do? Can you please grow up already?

  3. Wow. It’s like me donating a penny to the fund. Not sure why it’s even a worthwhile news story. It’s actually shameful to mention it

  4. Why couldn’t she give more? Her and her husband are worth $100s million….On the other hand, let’s be don l’caf zechus…Maybe she gives $1000 to 1000+ causes…

  5. We should all be thankful that we will finally have a President who really is good for Israel and the Jewish people , and he cares for his country ! He didn’t take the job for the perks a dedicated President who will do good things . People didn’t understand that Trump has a very good side to him !

  6. It may not be an amount that some people think she should have given — not that it is for anyone else to judge, without considering, among other factors, that this is probably just one of many charitable contributions– but the fact that she donated to this project has already given it some free publicity, and authenticity in circles outside the Brooklyn/Deal frum communities.


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