Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Move Forward Despite Terror Attack


livni-kerry-erekatIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to move forward with peace negotiations with the Palestinians despite Monday’s terror attack in which a police officer was killed on his way to a Pesach seder with his family.

A meeting between the negotiating teams was pushed back from Wednesday evening and was scheduled to take place today. The Prime Minister’s Office did not comment on whether the delay was out of respect for the terror victim’s family or if it was simply to better suit the timing of U.S. special envoy Martin Indyk’s arrival in Israel.

The U.S. State Department expressed ongoing support for the peace process on Wednesday evening. State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said that the “bottom line is both parties tell us they want negotiations to continue, and they’re searching for a path to do that.”

Palestinian Authority (PA) Religious Affairs Minister Mahmoud al-Habash warned of the talks’ collapse Wednesday during a joint press conference with a delegation of Israeli Members of Knesset in Ramallah. He added that if the situation remains the same, the PA is likely to fall apart by the end of the year, leaving Israel responsible for the consequences.


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  1. When is Bennett & Danon going to drop out of the Government, like they promised? When will Keri get his peace prize already? In Liberalism, its the “intensions” that matter, not the deed!

  2. Martin Indyk has caused continual trouble before in his uncompromising attempts for peace.

    It is a futile effort.
    One is hopeful that he will be rid of his presence in due time.

  3. If the PA falls apart no additional prisoners will be released for terror attacks, bombs and explosions to continue! Hmmmm!

  4. I wonder when Bibi will grow a spinal cord and be for Israel and its people rather than dance for the world and what they say. No matter what, Israel will be always hated and Bibi cannot change that fact, so he might as well just be the PM of one country then the slave for many.


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