Israeli Doctors Cure 6-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed for a Year


By Miriam Samsonowitz, Hidabrut

Ruth Rosenthal, a cheerful 6-year old Down’s Syndrome child, fell about a year ago. As a result of injuries to her neck, her hands and legs were paralyzed and she was forced to use a wheelchair.

The first hospital who had treated her, carried out a lumbar spinal fusion surgery which used screws to connect her skull and chest. But the resulting pressure on her spine caused her to stop walking and she also lost the function of her hands.

The spinal surgery unit at Hadassah decided on surgery in stages on the anterior and posterior areas of Ruthy’s neck, performed by Dr. Schroder, Dr. Leon Kaplan, Dr. Moni Benifla, a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Menahem Gross, a pediatric ENT specialist and a group of senior anesthesiologists.

Dr. Josh Schroder, a senior orthopedist at Hadassah, explained, “During the surgery we cut away the upper part of the spine and released the previous fusion in order to free the posterior vertebrae. We then performed a new fusion. Spinal surgery on such a narrow spine is very dangerous and sensitive and requires precise and meticulous work.”

Schroder says in satisfaction, “Ruthie is now walking and her hands function perfectly and she is proving that everything could now be possible for her.”

Ruthy’s father Pinny said, “We received a new child. I want to thank first and foremost the Creator of the World who guided the doctors, headed by Josh Schroder, to find a cure for our Ruthie. They succeeded in doing the unthinkable. With G-d’s help and with the help of the doctors, my daughter is walking on her feet.”


  1. Ruthy is a Child with Downs Syndrome- always mention the child first herdiagnosis is secondary- Hashem should help her have a complete refuah


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