Israeli-Developed Drug May Be Cancer Cure


Scientists at the Weizmann Institute may have found the cure for prostate cancer if caught in its early stages – via a drug injected into cancerous cells treated with infrared laser illumination.

Using a therapy lasting 90 minutes, the drug, called Tookad Soluble, targets and destroys cancerous prostate cells, studies show.

The drug is being marketed by Steba Biotech, an Israeli biotech start-up, and was developed in the lab of Weizmann Institute professors Yoram Salomon and Avigdor Scherz.

In a Phase III clinical trial of 80 patients from Latin America, over 80% of the study’s subjects remained cancer-free two years after treatment and a similar study in Europe showed similar results.

{ Israel}


  1. This “magic bullet” drug for prostate cancer will not work.

    Cancer is literally and metaphorically “Something that eats away at you.”

    Repressed emotions, especially from severe early childhood trauma, that have not been allowed proper, redemptive healing expression can and do manifest to various ailments, cancers and dis-eases in later adult life.

  2. Wiezmann should contract with a drug manufacturer in the “occupied territories”, make sure that any member of BDS or other anti-semitic Jew/Israel hater who needs it has access to this drug, and clearly mark it “MADE IN ISRAELI OCCUPIED TERRITORIES”.


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