Israeli Defense Minister: Claim of Excessive Use of Force by Israel Is “Nonsense”


moshe yaalonIsraeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon was asked by Army Radio to respond to State Department spokesperson John Kirby’s contention that Israel possibly used excessive force in subduing Palestinian assailants.

“We are using excessive force? If someone is wielding a knife and killing people, [then our response is considered] excessive force? What are we talking about here? This is nonsense.”

{ Israel}


  1. Yup, John Kirby is the new face of the Anti Semitic DEMOCRAT Party. They spread lie after lie to incite the Palestinians. This current administration will go down in history as the most Anti Jewish, Anti Israel. Kirsten Gillibrand & Cory Booker have stabbed the large Jewish communities they serve in the back. You’ll notice, its only the Democrats who are Anti Jewish & Anti Israel. The Democrats used to accuse the Republicans of being so. My, how times have changed.


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