Israeli Chief Rabbis Strongly Denounce Attack at Toeivah Parade


dovid lau yitzchak yosefThe chief rabbis of Israel have condemned the stabbing attack this afternoon at the toeivah parade in Yerushalayim in which  six people were injured, two seriously.

Rav David Lau, Ashkenazic chief rabbi of Israel, said, “The Torah of Klal Yisroel prohibits any act of violence and attacking a person. This is especially in the case of someone who harms another person and tries to kill them. This is a very serious crime, and it is clear to all that this is not the way of Torah and Yiddishkeit

Rav Yitzchok Yosef, Sefardic chief rabbi of Israel, also condemned the attack. “The prison sentence of the attacker in Yerushalayim today should be like the sentence of every murderer, and even more severe. It cannot be that a man can rise up and, as if in the name of religion, raise his hand against a neshamah in Klal Yisroel. I daven from the depths of my heart for the recovery of those who were hurt. I am against expressions of hatred of this sort. I call on the nation of Klal Yisroel to return in achdus, in pleasantness and tolerance.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Toeivah behavior is caused by various mental disorders.

    These sick people are part of Klal Yisroel and should be nurtured back to normalcy.

    No one today is of the madreiga of a “Matisyahu” or any other Tzadik of past years who felt the need to protect our Torah from those whose actions desecrate it.

  2. Reminds me of the Gemara about the Cohen who’s son was stabbed and was more worried about the knife becoming tomai than he was about his son dying.
    There is no Bais Hamikdash. No Sanhedrin. We don’t do skila or kanaim pogim bzman hazeh, not for this, or anything.
    There was an attempted murder by a deranged person. That a crazy person can do that I can understand.
    What I simply cannot understand is anyone who does not condemn that. That’s not human. That’s ISIS.
    And to the the people who scream about the un-tznius images from the original matzav post on this news item – you might be right about them not posting those images. But I can’t think of any worse image than an orthodox Jew – insane or not – with a knife in his hand, ready to kill. And yet nobody saw the perversity in that.

  3. yes this guy with his own mental disorder should be condemned, but so should this horrible parade and those who partake in it

  4. #2 ,#3

    A.Irrespective Whether the act is practical at present

    Your ilk would surely have vilified Pinchos after his killing of Zimri

    B.If crazies are but a mirror reflection of a society,
    We could use a half a dozen more of these crazies

  5. What else in the entire Torah

    chayav sekillah


    Harog v’al ya’avor


    one of the sheva mitzvos


    You’re allowed to kill on the way before the act


    Is never ever suspended (say,like murder )?!

    In other words this overrides almost everything else in the entire Torah

  6. This is very good.

    The Toeivah parades are not Israel in its Torah values, but the rights of man are respected by the holy state.

    To fix this, we must daven and give charity. Hashem will do the rest.

    We are not the death squad for the bad mood.

    This was a crime against humanity and it was bound to happen.

    The enemy has been denouncing the gay parades as the “enemy of G-d”. G-d is not a man in a shirt walking with a flag thinking he had a feeling that he wanted to share. G-d is the Value we use to judge that man if he is illicit.

    We must daven and give charity. The policital issues can be dealt with by political speech.

    This is a crime and we must mourn.

    Never Again.

  7. #3 “ab” See R’ Chaim shmulevitz’s piece on that Gemara. The KOhen was not necessarily wrong for caring about the keilim

  8. To Comment #5 from “Cohen”: Very excellent truthful observation! We should also add that, that ilk would have most likely also vilified the action of Matisyahu. [That major incident was at the beginning of the story of Chanuka. As part of their program to spread Greek culture (which, incidentally, included a lot of Toeiva) a contingent of Greek soldiers came to the town of Modin. In the town square, they set up an alter to one of their idols and issued orders for the Jewish townspeople to bring offerings on it to the idol. One of those Jewish townspeople, who was obviously a wicked person who supported the Greek efforts, stepped forward with a pig to offer on the alter. At that moment, the sainted Matisyahu — who had brought with him a concealed knife — shot out AND KILLED the wicked Jewish man; he then fought with and killed the whole group of Greek soldiers. Thus began the revolt against the Greeks and their wicked Jewish supporters that culminated in the great Yom Tov of Chanuka.]

  9. To beethoven’s friend: I disagree, the crime against humanity was by the paraders, and it is everyone’s duty to oppose them. The point here is that although this man may have not done the right thing, that has to be taken in account in and of itself, but the vindication to the party he acted upon is completely wrong.


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