Israeli Archaeologists Find Remnants of City of Golias The Giant


GOLIASIsraeli archaeologists at Bar-Ilan University have discovered an entrance gate and other remnants of the Philistine city of Gass, which was mentioned in Tanach as the home of the giant Golias, who fought and lost against Dovid Hamelech.

Professor Aren Maeir and his colleagues conducted the excavations in the Tel Zafit national park, which is located between Ashkelon and Yerushalyim. Gath was destroyed in 830 BCE by Hazael, the king of Damascus.

The gate is the largest of its kind to be discovered in Israel, according to Maeir, who said that fact substantiates the theory that Gass was once a very influential city.

Other items discovered in the same excavation included a temple, an iron production facility, and other buildings.


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